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  CULTURAL MAPPING OF EUROPE” was an Erasmus+ school partnership between 6 European schools from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain and Turkey during 2 years, from September 2017 till August 2019.

   The main aim of the project was to improve the knowledge of different local cultures of Europe by producing sustainable modern materials that preserve our cultural identity. Therefore, one of the project's products was this e-magazine made by teams of students and teachers from partner schools. 

   We have identified as important 6 chapters in which we have presented some cultural landmarks of each country. Elaborating this material was a great joy for us to work together and we hope this e-magazine will be interesting and enjoyable for other students and teachers from all over Europe and beyond. 

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Posters made for the international exhibition of gastronomic traditions




Interview with Mrs. Eleni Zervou on TV Mytilini TV

Impressıon of Turkısh students from SULTANTEPE SECONDARY SCHOOL  

AMİRHAN NAZİPOV: Hello,I am 6th grade student. We woke up to a sunny Monday morning. We got our breakfast in hotel. We went to school by bus. When we got there,students celebrated our coming to school.They sang songs and danced. Mrs.Eleni Zervou sang a Greek song with Romanian teacher, Mrs. Emanuela Popescu. We did activities with all the foreign students in school. After that, we organized the Gastronomy exhibitions and we tasted dishes. Everbody liked the Turkish dishes and we liked Greek dishes too. After school we went to art museum.Paintings were beautiful then we had dinner all together. Next day we visited to Forest museum,we had activities, saw the fosils. On Wednesday we went to Molyvos castle.It  was very breath taking. We bought some souvenirs, the we had lunch there. On Thursday we visited the Ouzo factory, then went to beach,swam there. Then before lunch we presented Turkish cuisines by power point. In evening Greek school tidied wonderful farewell party for us.They made us so happy. Thanks for Erasmus+ for this experience. And thanks to anyone thats supported this Project.We got new datas and we will always remember this trip.

PELİN SU ÖZCAN: Hello I am sixth grade student. I was excited because of first day. We went to )th Primary school of Mytilini and they welcomed us well. Students celebrated us. They danced Syrtaki and sang songs. We visited classroom. We had lots activities at school but the most important one was Gastronomy Exhibition. Then we  visited to art museum. We visited Petrified forest protected by UNESCO and then Natural Historical Museum. We learnt fosil kinds. Molyvos village was wonderful.We took lots photos there. We visited Ouzo factory for how producting ouzo.We presented our Gastronomy in Plomari culture center. Farewell party was great. I enjoyed so much. I am proud of myself to joined that mobility.Thanks Erasmus+ and my school.

KAMİLE KULDEVLET: Hello. I am 6th grade student. We had so much fun. We made many friends from other nationalities. We participated in Erasmus+ mobility. We also made gastronomy posters and then we made a presentation about Turkey gastronomy. I will never forget the memories I had. I think it was a great chance. This is my first trip outside of my country. It was the most enjoyable travel  I had ever done. I was very affected about Turkey-Greek people similarities. It was a great experience to know about new culture in World. I loved so much that mobility. I learnt lots things. Thank for Erasmus+ and thanks for our teachers.

M.KEREM ÖZÇITAK: Hello , I am Kerem,I am 6th grade student. This is my first experience to go somewhere without my family. I was worried but my family was more worried than me. I made new friends from other countries. I loved so much Molyvos village. So natural village with castle. We learnt other countries gastronomy and their cultures. I learnt some Greek words too. Greek hospitality was same as ours. We are so close each other. Specially I want to say Thanks to Eleni from Greek school. She was always with us. I advise to all people to learn other cultures. We have lots richness in World. Thank for Erasmus+ and thanks for Sultantepe Secondary School. Unforgettable mobility for me.

Impressıon of Italian students from

Impressıon of Bulgarian students from
Impressıon of Spanish students from
Impressıon of Greek students 

1. Irene H. I am a student in the 5th class of the 9th Primary School of Mytilini. When the students of the other schools came, I thought I would be shy to talk to them and then all was simple, -and I spoke, I laughed, I played with them and all English. It was magic!
2. Thomas. I am 11 years old and I was very happy to welcome the students from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria to my school. We have the same hobbies and talked about the videogames we play and we will now be friends on cyberspace.
3 .Asimina L. I am a student in the 5th class and I loved the gastronomy exhibition-a lot of the Turkish food and Greek food are the same!!
4. Myrto S. I am 12 years old and I can say that this international meeting at our school is something I will never forget. All the students and teachers were so friendly and loved the welcome we made for them. We talked, sang, danced, ate and drank!!It was the best party with new friends!
5. Nick V. I am a student in the 6th class of the school and I loved meeting the students from other countries and played with them-to see their food was also interesting and I wanted to taste everything. A big thank you to my school which got into this programme Erasmus+!
6. Konstandina T. (6th grade) I loved everything about the visit. We danced our traditional dances in our costumes and sang-everyone loved syrtaki. What beautiful presents we exchanged! I also loved that our whole school,our parents joined in to make this special…and our guests were very nice-now we have new friends on Instagram from other European countries.
7. Tania S (mother).During the past two years I had the opportunity to take part and help my daughter in different activities about the programme. I could see how important it was to her and her classmates!!But hosting the partners in May has been an unforgettable experience for my family-all the guests were so nice and wanted to see our culture and show us theirs!!I wish the school would participate in more programmes like this.
Panagiotis K. (father). I had the chance to help in organizing the meeting in Greece and I think that it was amazing. It brought all the school together and we opened our door to the local community to join in the preparations-my son couldn’t stop talking about the new friends he made and the tasty food he had!


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Between 10 -14 December 2018, the school “Scuola Secondaria di Grado "Mastro Giorgio-Nelli" in Gubbio, Italy, organized the Transnational Project Meeting.
- representatives from partner schools, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Italy

9.00 - Welcome to Scuola Secondaria di 1 ° Grado "Mastro Giorgio-Nelli" in Gubbio, Italy.
11.00 - Project Activity Report September - December 2018 (with Power Point, photos, films, speackes);
13.00 – Lunch
14.00 - Analyze of the achievement of objective no.1 on following indicators:
        - knowledge about the importance of European local cultures and identity of the people;
        - communication skills and civic behavior of pupils;
        - active participation of pupils at project’s activities;
        - pupil’s assuming project’s responsibilities and their involvement in project’s management;
        - pupil’s creativity during the organization of celebrations, exhibitions,  elaboration of project’s products;
Closing the session and drawing conclusions

9.00 - Arrival in school
9.30 - Evaluation of the cooperation between partners
10.30 - Evaluation of project’s products impact on pupils and school (Web, blog, Facebook communication, calendar, brochure, Webpage and Blog articles)
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 - Evaluation of project's progress through questionnaires, interviews, observations
17.00 - Closing the session and drawing conclusions
9.00 - Arrival in school at the school building “Ottaviano Nelli”, via Paruccini
9.30 - Evaluation of the project’s IMPACT in school and local community
10.30 - Coffee break
11.00 – Analyse of the dissemination process and results
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 - Preparation of the International Workshop "United in cultural diversity” in Greece, 2019
17.00 - Closing the session and drawing conclusions

9.00 - Arrival in school
9.30 - Preparation of the dates for the last Transnational Project Meeting and Exchange of pupils in Greece (objectives and activities, school program, rules of behavior in school’s hosting  partner,  selection criteria of the pupils, discussions with the parents, International Workshop, materials to prepare and to bring to the event, costs, etc.)
13.00 – Lunch
14.00 - Meeting the local project’s team members and the media
18.00  - Major of Gubbio and local authorities greet the Erasmus+ partners at the Town Hall In Piazza Grande

9.30 - Arrival in school
9.00 - Evaluation of the meeting
12.30 - Official Ceremony: Certificates of Attendance
13.00 - Lunch
14.00 - Preparing the International Exhibitions "Traditional gastronomy" in Greece, 2019
16.00 - Closing the session and drawing conclusions

The activities and the results of the meeting were presented:
- the meeting of the project team within the school;
- within the board of directors;
- at the school notice and in the chancellery in the thematic section dedicated to the project;
- During the methodical meetings of teachers in Bucharest;
- Within the Teaching Board and the Administrative Board;
- at meetings with parents and members of non-governmental partner organizations;
- to the panel in the hall of the school in the hall display;

- Development of communication between partners and of the cooperation relations within the partnership;
- Evaluating and disseminating the project;
- Free discussions with foreign colleagues about the educational process in partner schools, system issues, recent changes, etc.
- Improving English language.

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Short-term exchanges of groups of pupil in Gubbio, Italy  
10 - 14.12.2018

Topic of the exchange was "EUROPE ART CRAFTS MAP".
         1. PREPARATION stage
The hosting school informed the local authorities and Medical emergency about the presence of foreign students in school during 5 days.
Italian project's staff provided the transfer from the station or airport to Gubbio and the accommodation of the foreign pupils and their accompanying persons. The partners’ schools elaborated a Curricular and Extracurricular Plan for the foreign pupils to participate. The Italian pupils elaborated a TRAVEL GUIDE (ppt with information about local customs and others).
All the participants prepared movies, ppt for presentation of their school and activities, photos for the common Exhibition; they created traditional typical objects, recorded CDs with traditional music of each country that where handed to the host school and students.
         2. ACTIVITIES during the exchange worked on A4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 achieving Objectives 1,2,3.
During 5 days in school, the pupils participated at school program of hosting partner. They were distributed on age criteria in appropriate classes as following: 

a) Greek students were distributed:
Classe 2 sez. I: Inglese, Storia, Matematica, Matematica, Sport, Sport
Classe 3 sez. M: Matematica Scienze, Geografia, Musica, Sport Sport
Classe 2 sez. F: ICT, Matematica, Sport, Sport,  Inglese, Inglese.
Classe 2 sez. G: ICT, Matematica, Matematica, Geografia, Arte, Arte
Classe 2 sez C: Italiano, Storia, Inglese, Arte, Arte, Musica

b) Spanish students were distributed:
Classe 2 sez. M: Arte, Arte, Matematica, Scienze, Musica, Musica
Classe 2 sez. N: Matematica Matematica, Geografia, Inglese, Sport, Sport
Classe 2 sez E: Musica, Storia, Matematica, Inglese, Arte, Arte.
Classe 2 sez. O: Sport, Sport, Inglese, Inglese, Matematica, Scienze.
Classe 2 sez. N: Matematica, Matematica, Inglese. Arte, Sport, Sport.

c) Romanian students were distributed:
Classe 3 sez. L: Matematica,  Matematica, Inglese, Inglese, Arte, Arte.
Classe 3 sez. M: Matematica Scienze, Geografia, Musica, Sport Sport
Classe 3 sez A: Spagnolo, Spagnolo, Geografia, ICT, ICT, Musica, Musica.
Classe 3 sez. O: ICT, ICT, Matematica, Scienze, Musica Geografia
Classe 3 sez. M: Italiano, Matematica, Inglese, Arte, Arte, Musica

d) Turkish students were distributed:
Classe 3 sez: Matematica,  Matematica, Inglese, Inglese, Arte, Arte.
Classe 2 L: Inglese, Inglese, Matematica, Matematica, Geografia, Musica
Classe 2 sez. F: Italiano, Matematica, Sport, Sport,  Inglese, Inglese.
Classe 3 sez. G: Italiano, Inglese, Matematica, Arte, Sport, Sport
Classe 3 sez. L: Geografia,  Spagnolo, Matematica, ICT, Musica, Musica

e) Bulgarian students were distributed:
Classe 3 sez. N: ,Matematica, Scienze, Matematica, Scienze, Inglese, Arte, Sport, Sport
Classe 2 L: Inglese, Inglese, Matematica, Matematica, Geografia, Musica
Classe 3 sez. F, Sport Sport, Matematica, Scienze, Italiano, Storia
Classe 3 sez. I: Sport, Sport, ICT, ICT, Inglese, Arte.
Classe 2 sez. M: Arte, Arte, Matematica, Scienze, Musica, Musica,

The COMMON extracurricular activities were:
-1st day, after classes, the foreign pupils presented Power Point or small movies about their schools and activities (in Prezzi program).

- 2nd day – after classes, the students organized the International photo exhibition and all the partners performed local traditional dances in traditional costumes.

    - 3rd day – after classes, we went to the Basilica papale di San Francisco de Assisi that from year 2000 is a UNESCO monument where the Italian teachers and pupils explain us the history of the place.

- 4th day – we were received by the Mayor of Gubbio at the City Hall and at Arconi del Palazzo dei Consoli dell'Università dei Muratori, the Association's headquarters “ I Muratori di Gubbio” that show us the local traditions (architecture and gastronomy).

- 5th day – after classes, celebration of the project with awarding of certificates and holding speeches.

          3.The COMMUNICATION between local and foreign students were made in English, Italian and other European languages (Greek and Romanian). This week it was a great opportunity for pupils to build friendships.
- We all have been invited at the City Hall of Gubbio where we were received by the Mayor, Prof. Filippo Mario Stirati who spoke about the importance of education in the formation of the new generation and about the importance of Erasmus + European projects to form a united Europe.
The event was widely presented in 
- the local newspaper “Gubbio oggi”no.10/2018,

Dıssemınatıon of the students’ exchange in Italy in Gubbio magazine "Gubbio Oggi" from Aprıl – May 2019 

- the Bulgarian newpaper at:

- in the project's Facebook :

- on eTwinning -

During our International exhibition “Winter local traditions” there were all the teachers of the two Italian schools, the parents of the Italian students and other members of the local community were present.

5. EVALUATION of the exchange
- at the end of every day the students applied questionnaires/group discussions/interviews and wrote in their personal diary daily observations, assessments and comments;
- at the end of the exchange were evaluated these observations and pupils produced a common report of the LTTA which will be published on project blog, Facebook and eTwinning.


My name is Efe Karaşoğlu. I am  6th grade  student in Sultantepe Secondary School. In December 2018, I participated in the Cultural Mapping of Europe Project in our school and it was the most exciting thing that I have done in my life. We  went to Gubbio with our project team and participated in many classes and extra-school activities in Mastro Giorgio Nelli school. It was my second time abroad and I was really excited and amazed again. I learned a lot about many different cultures , I met a lot of amazing people from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania and Spain. I learned many interesting things about cuisine, fokloric clothes and dances.We visited lots historical places, chocolate factory in Gubbio and Perugia. Gubbio is small town but so cute. I realized that everybody was helpful and kind and liked to try speaking Italian language. This project contributed to me and my school life a lot and I am looking forward to join to others as soon as possible. 

My name is Fatıma Nur Kavalcı. I am 6th grade student. I participated in Italy exchange and it was an incredible time for me. I was really curious about Italy and when we landed in my heart was beating so hard with excitement. The city was so beautiful , the school was so nice and very clean. It has kindergarden, secondary school and high school in it. Even a gym !!! We went to workshops there about countries’ winter photos and traditional costumes. Our Italian hosts were very friendly and helpful. They introduced us their town and Perugia. I comunicated lots pupils and teachers there. The workshops we participated was really interesting and enjoyable . I learnt to cook pizza.This was great experience. I felt so lucky that I was in the project and promised to myself to join more and more projects in the future.

My name is Ekinsu Karagöz. I am 6th grade student. I joined the Erasmus+ Project in Italy. It was great honour for me. I presented the Turkish art craft goods in Italian school. I served the some Turkish foods for all partner. Our teachers were proud of us because we introduced our country very well. We performanced Turkish dancing with our teachers. It was very nice. I can’t forget that. We visited Assisi and Gubbio cities. We tasted pasta and pizza even one day we cooked pizza in Gubbio. Building were built by stones. It was calm town. There were lots ceramic shops. I improved my English there. I realized that I should know other countries cultures too. Thank you so much Erasmus+.

Thank you so much, Erasmus+ !

During the month of December 2018 I had the amazing chance to spend one week at "Mastro Giorgio Nelli", school from Gubbio, Italy. It did happen due to an exchange program between this Italian education unit, and Sultantepe Secondary School, from İstanbul, Turkey. Mainly, it was definitely about studying... For me it was an absolutely unique experience useful and attractive. 

The flight to Italy was actually my first trip abroad without my parents. Going there I had the opportunity to meet students from Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Romania to make a lot of friends. We had a lot to discuss: about their learning system, in details, about their hobbies, about their plans for the future, about what is their opinion about jobs and others. That was in terms of the education level, the equipment, the daily schedule and, moreover, about the curriculum. One other important thing is that I definitely improved my communication skills in a foreign language. In this way, I was able to generally compare the Turkish schools with theirs, the concerns of other students, their way of thinking and their ideals.

It seems that this story,Italy, by Erasmus, had happened very fast. I feel that I have to “breath” the next chapter... It could be anytime soon, and anywhere...

For sure it was the most valuable experience of my life... a magic gift box that was hiding a mix of enjoyment and academic skills!

Merih Akdağ


My name is Nedim Güney from Sultantepe Secondary School. I am headmaster in that school. I am sure that Erasmus+ mobilities show us great experiences about cultures and education ideas. We are opened mind for new techniques and systems about education. We improve ourselves for future and we share new ideas between partners. Our pupils understand that great experience after mobility and they share that experience with their friends in their school when they came back.Thanks so much for Italian hospitality in Gubbio. We keep in touch for next projects.


For me it was the first time I left the country - this exchange of students was an extraordinary experience; I met new people, places and experiences.
I was very happy that the Erasmus + project gave me this chance. The reason I was involved in the project was experimenting to put into practice my cultural and computer skills, team work with my colleagues and teachers.
During the exchange of students I directly met the traditions, customs and cultural elements of Italy and the participating countries through discussions, costumes, posters, activities that revived old medieval games, group projects and cooperation among the students participating in the six countries.
I worked in craft workshops that kept the city's cultural spirit alive and realized how important it is to promote these concerns too.
I have returned socially richer because I have managed to establish new friendships and contacts with children from other countries, better informed from the perspective of the traditions, holidays and cultural customs of the participating countries, richer linguistic because I have learned common words in Italian, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish. (STOE IONUT 8th grade)

About Erasmus + projects I learned from the school of biology, geography, as well as from the hall and class posters, and I always wondered what lies behind a beautifully colored poster and an incognito logo. This, and the fact that some of my colleagues participated in me, led me to join the project team, and I had the chance to be selected for student exchange in Gubbio, Italy from 10-14.12.2018.
I waited impatiently for the movement and the experience to follow. I was curious to find out what differences exist between our schools, as a school in the heart of peninsular Italy, a town I have never heard before.
There have been 5 days of great school, social and emotional experiences.
I found a great school, a medieval conquering city through the buildings whose facades were carrying you back in time and the way the city improved the functionality of the buildings (I was amazed to see how a 21st century elevator climbs through a 14th century building making it easier for residents to access the medieval headquarters of the building in which the City Hall was located).
I was impressed by the program that the host school prepared and where we were involved, the typical food offered and the way our hosts tried to make us feel all the participating students (Bulgarians, Romanians, Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Turks), not to feel that we belong to different cultures, customs and languages, but we are part of a European whole. We worked together on the proposed activities and created our friends. Finally, I realized how important the English language classes I had at school in class I that allowed me to easily communicate with the other students participating in the project and to relate them to their level of knowledge .
This experience helped me to value my knowledge of English, and to wish to deepen my knowledge of European culture and civilization. (NICOARA TUDOR - 8th grade)

For me, participation in the project was very interesting and useful because it took place in a special setting, along with pupils from other countries. I attended class classes and I had the opportunity to see how the classes take place. It impressed me that teachers and students have a very friendly relationship, students are not so pressed by the "burden" of notes. They have a different way of teaching, fewer pupils in the class, and have a lot of school materials for art classes, have music labs that students use for music classes and extra hours for organizing shows, performing drawings, paintings and many technology labs; I learned to cook pizza in an Italian culinary club, visited craft workshops, leather, ceramics, ironmongery and sculpture.
I also met part of the cultural heritage of Gubbio - even the town hall where we were received by the mayor of the locality was in a 500-year-old building.
I have used and improved my knowledge of English, the language we communicate with other participants, established contacts and friends, learned useful things in a new context, I succeeded in integrating into the large group Erasmus + of the participating students, I promote our national traditions, holidays and customs and through discussions, joint activities to cooperate and improve the educational environment of our school by sharing our experiences with our colleagues at home. (POPA LUCA – 8th grade)

In December 2018, together with my colleagues and our accompanying teacher in our school, I participated in the city of Gubbio in the Umbria region of Italy, at various activities in school and outside the school; I participated in numerous Power Point presentations, presenting a national dance and national costumes, we have always had discussions, I have participated in numerous games with partner students - mixed teams, workshop activities, visits on the European map of culture and traditions in those countries that are particularly involved.
This exchange of students impressed me greatly and greatly improved my communication skills in English, but I also learned many words and phrases in Italian. I also learned many new things about the Italian school (how to learn, how to score and evaluate students, about their exams, about their subjects and textbooks). It has made me many friends because the school students were very welcoming and happy that we are together. We stayed together all day long - at school and then out of school, we became good friends and even after we finished the visit, we continue to write and work together for the project. I was impressed by the very close relationship between Italian students and their teachers; they have a much more loaded program than we and much harder manuals. I also liked the way Italians keep their local traditions, habits and celebrations, and place great emphasis on passing them from one generation to the next.

I returned home with many beautiful memories, with more friends and a lot of great experiences, I became more confident, I evaluated my English knowledge and general culture and I enriched them, I used my knowledge of the environment and I have developed socially through real contact with other cultures / civilizations. He gave me ideas on how we could apply some of our knowledge and experiences to school. (IONITA DARIUS - 8th grade)


We went to Gubbio from the 10th to the 14th of December 2018. It has been a great experience for us. The teachers and the students very welcoming and cute with all of us. They took us to school with lots of warmth and spent together unforgettable moments. I went to classes, we sang together, danced, learned to do pizza, and learned how Italian students think about school and their professional future.
(Lidia and Cristina)
- We met students and teachers from the Erasmus project who came from different countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Italy and although we were from different countries, we worked together as a single team. We have a perfect understanding of all our activities.
- We visited 2 wonderful schools with wonderful pupils and teachers and we saw the biggest Christmas tree in the world in Gubbio.
- We learned how to make pizza and crescia and after that, we ate it. We enjoyed the surprise party the Italian teachers prepared for us.
(Joan S)
-We made new friends and learned some words in Italian. We also had the opportunity to meet some old friends again (the Italian students who came to our school last year). We sang Christmas carols together and the italian students played lots of musical instruments.
-It was the first time I travelled by plane and even by subway. This trip has given me the opportunity to travel abroad and to meet my foreign friends from the partnership.
- We were very excited about the reception made by the mayor of Gubbio. We also enjoyed the flags show and the train trip around Gubbio. On this day, it snowed there and we were pretty excited because in Mallorca it hardly ever snows.
- We visited a chocolate factory in Peruggia and we had the opportunity to taste all the different types of chocolates.
(Elsa and Lidia)
- We showed our new friends a typical dance from Mallorca “Els moratons”. We really enjoyed playing with our new friends in the school.
(Adrian and Pau).
- We made some posters about the traditions and winter celebrations in Spain and we presented our e-magazine about art and crafts in Spain. I was very impressed about Assisi town which has got a beautiful church and paintings.
(Joan A).
- We spoke English with our new friends and we think our English is better after this trip.It was a great experience that we would definitely like to repeat again because we have learnt a lot of things.(Cristina and Lucia)


The teachers involved in the Erasmus project have learnt a lot:
-Being part of a team of European teachers sharing ideas and creating a rapport between teachers. The trip has created a mutual understanding between people from different cultures and you become more open-minded through this experience.
-It’s very rewarding to be in contact with other teachers from different countries and discover that we have a lot of things in common as teachers.
-We were impressed by the integrated curriculum of music that the school has got.
-As teachers we feel that we have an even better relationship with the students since the trip and have a closer bond with them. I feel that the students know us better now.
Overall, we believe this experience has broadened our cultural horizons and personally as teachers, we feel that it has been very rewarding for ourselves; there is a lot of work and effort that has gone into taking part in this programme and we came to the conclusion that the students have learnt a lot from this Erasmus programme.

(Mrs.Maria Oroz Galmés and Mr.Jaume Adrover Nadal)


1-  My name is Stratos Vasilellis and I am a student of the 6th grade in the 9th primary school of Mytilini. In December 2018, I took part in the student exchange in the school of Maestro Giorgio Nelli in Gubbio, Italy and I can say that I will never forget this experience. What I liked most, was the opportunity to meet students from the other countries who took part in the program-we got to know each other, played games and talked about our schools and our hobbies. It seems that children from different cultures can have the same interests-now we will be friends forever!

2- I am Aliki Karinou and I am 11 years old. My school takes part in an Erasmus+ programme and last month I went to Italy with some of my classmates and teachers!!It was the first time that I travelled without my parents and went to another European country. I loved the Italian school and the way teachers and students welcomed us all-like their own children!!We visited classes and attended lessons and then we had lunch in the school which was new for me! I also liked that I spoke in English with the other students from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey,Spain and Italy!

3- My name is Dionysis Vanavakis and I am a student of the 6th grade-it is the last class of primary school in Greece. I feel very lucky because in December 2018 I visited Italy through an Erasmus+ programme! I loved the town of Gubbio with the old beautiful buildings and the huge Christmas tree on the mountain!!I was curious to see the school and meet the children and a little anxious..Everything was amazing in the end. We got to know each other, we played games at school, created handicrafts and sang and danced traditional dances from all the countries!!Our teachers are good friends with the other teachers and now we have new friends too!!Thank you Erasmus!!


My name is Mihaela Uzunova. I am a 4th grade student in SU”Vladimir Komarov”. In December 2018, I had a chance to be one of the participants of the International meeting in Gubbio, Italy.  I am a member of the Art club in our school of Erasmus+ Project “Cultural mapping of Europe”, I love art and it was the most exciting thing that I took a part in Arts and craft seminar and had an opportunity to have a look of Italian arts and crafts. 
We went to Gubbio, Italy with our project team /three teachers and five students/ and participated in LTTA activities in the school Mastro Giorgio Nelli. It was my first time abroad and I was really excited and amazed throughout the whole project. It was really exciting. Gubbio’s charm is in its medieval buildings, churches and streets that create an old-time, mysterious atmosphere. It's an out-and-out journey into the past! I liked the host school and students. They were very kind and friendly. I and all my friends from Bulgarian group learned a lot about different cultures of participants, I met a lot of amazing people from Italy, Spain, Romania, Turkey and Greece. I made a lot of friends there and I learned many interesting things arts and crafts in their countries. It was incredible to release that learning foreign languages is very useful and I am sure that I won’t stop to do this.

Hello! My name is Radosveta Todorova. I am 14 and I study in SU”Vladimir Komarov”. In December 2018, I participated in the International meeting in Gubbio, Italy. It was the third meeting for LTTA for our Erasmus+ Project “Cultural mapping of Europe”.  it was the most exciting thing in my life.
We went to Gubbio, Italy with our teachers and four more students and participated in LTTA activities in the school Mastro Giorgio Nelli.  The hosts were very friendly. It was my first time abroad but I was happy far from the home with them. It was really exciting. Gubbio is a very nice town. It’s got a lot of medieval buildings, churches and streets that create an old-time atmosphere.
I visited two school buildings in the town and I took part in all activities. I learned a lot about Italian old games, Italian music, art and crafts. I met a lot of friends from Italy, Spain, Romania, Turkey and Greece. I learned many interesting things arts and crafts in their countries.

My name is Aleksandra Georgieva. I am Bulgarian and I am a 4th grade student in SU”Vladimir Komarov”in Veliko Tarnovo. I participated in Gubbio exchange and it was an incredible time for me. I was really curious about Italy and when we landed in my heart was beating so hard with excitement. The city was so beautiful and so different, the school had four buildings and we visited and had activities in two of them. The lessons we participated was really interesting and not too different from lessons in our schools. Our Italian hosts were very friendly and helpful. I met a lot of friends there. We communicated in English and I understood that learning foreign languages is very important. Working with many different people was amazing. I felt so lucky that I was in the project and promised to myself to join more and more projects in the future.

My name is Zornitsa Nikolova, I am 11 and I study in SU”Vladimir Komarov”. I am Bulgarian and I live in Veliko Tarnovo. In December 2018, I participated in the International meeting in Gubbio, Italy. It was the third meeting for LTTA for our Erasmus+ Project “Cultural mapping of Europe”.  I spent one week in Gubbio, Italy, from 10th of December to 14th of December 2018.   This was an amazing week I have ever had. Firstly I flew firstly by plane, I was firstly abroad and I was firstly without my family. At the beginning of our trip I was worried what will we do, can I be good enough and how will I spend my time? But my week was fantastic. I loved flying, all Italian students and teachers were extremely friendly: they communicated with all foreign students as if they were their best friends. We had a lot of interesting activities, walks and trips so my family did not miss me. I learnt a lot about Italian traditions, arts and crafts. I make a lot of friends and now I know that kids are same all over the world. We were happy to learn, to work and to play together. This experience gave me a new understanding of how important is to make a friendly atmosphere in the work place.

My name is Viktoria Mihaylova. I am a 5th grade student in SU”Vladimir Komarov” In Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. I was happy to participate in the LTTA exchange IN Gubbio, Italy. It was a very happy time for me. I was really excited about my travelling and my participating. The town was so beautiful and so different. It is a very old medieval place which was named the town of silence. The host school had four buildings= Two of them are in Gubbio and the other two are in two villages which are near the town. We visited and had activities in two of them, which are in Gubbio. The lessons we participated was really interesting and not too different from lessons in our schools. Italian students and teachers were very friendly and helpful. I met a lot of friends there. We communicated in English and now I know that learning foreign languages is very important. Working with many different people was amazing. I felt so lucky that I was in the project and promised to myself to join more and more projects in the future.


“It a special experience. We were very excited about meeting new friends from other countries. We have worked a lot since October in order to prepare and organize the meeting.”(Elena Moscetti)
“This experience was very motivating and useful because we had the opportunities to find out different traditions and cultures. We tried to learn some easy words in their languages (Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish and Greek) and we taught them some simple Italian words, like greetings and numbers.” (Edoardo Bastiani)
“It was amazing when we played Christmas Carols in our school orchestra for them. Some of us were a little bit disappointed of the short time they stayed here in Gubbio with us. We would like to have more time to spend with them in order to know them better.” (Laura Moscetti)
“I was happy and excited for the arriving of foreigner students and a little bit scared and worried about my ability to communicate with them…. But then it wasn’t so difficult.” (Lorenzo Provvedi)
“During the farewell dinner we spoke and laughed with Romanian students. It was great and interesting. We learn a lot of things. We became good friends” (Linda Pambianco)
“I was very proud to show them my beautiful town with its famous Christmas traditions. I would be very happy to have the possibility to visit their towns.” (Gabriele Pietroluongo)
"This experience was unique and absolutely memorable" (Elisabetta Gasparri) 
"Some of them were younger than us so they didn't talk easily."(Alexandra Tasso)
“The guys who came here were friendly but someone was a little shy. Other students instead weren't so shy and it was easier to have a conversation and we are still in contact with some of them." (Leonardo Franceschetti)
"Each group prepared performances and showed us their typical dances in their local costumes, and they sang their traditional songs. It was very interesting and exciting, in the end we joined to their dances... it was so funny!!!!" (Alessia Castellani)
"it was a great opportunity to make some new friends even if we are of different ages." (Pietro Bedini)
"We spoke English so it was also a great opportunity to improve our language skills." (Camilla Gasparini)
"Speaking in English (and in Spanish with the Spanish students) gave us the real possibility to share ideas, information about culture and at the same time we could feel the same and united." (Antonio Tironzelli)
"We had the opportunity to use the foreign language, English in particular, with real people who don't speak Italian,  and not in a virtual situation like we usually do at school during the activities oral with our Italian classmate." (Caterina Bei)
"No matter if some was shy, younger or older than us, we shared our ideas and feelings with them and they told us their experiences," (Damiano Vernigi)
“We did a lot of new friends and we exchanged phone numbers.” (Gabriele Duro)
“We could taste some typical Turkish food and we liked it a lot. We also saw the typical costumes too and we learn from the foreign pupils their interest in school and their daily extra program” (Nicole Bakula)
“I liked above all the game with did altogether in Aula Magna to know each other, it was really nice and amusing.” (Pietro Bedini)
“We sang the European Hymn altogether with our school orchestra: it was so moving and all of us were united…like a unique voice. I liked a lot. I can’t forget it the deep feelings and emotions I proved in my heart.” (Cristiana Bei)
“It was fantastic to be with students with different languages, religions, traditions and lifestyles. I would like to know more about them.” (Pietro Giacometti)
 “It was a stimulating and amusing experience because we had the possibility to speak in English and in Spanish, too, the second foreign language we study at school. We had a lot of funny and interesting activities at school…. But the days lasted too fast…” (Marika Licandro) 

PROJECT'S E-MAGAZINE    “ CULTURAL MAPPING OF EUROPE” was an Erasmus+ school partnership between 6 European schools from Bulgar...